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Tom Stuckey was President of the British Methodist Conference in 2005. This website has been set up with his wife Christine, to make some of our writings available. See left column for access to my papers, lectures, sermons and books. God down to Christine's papers.

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Tom Stuckey

                    DECEMBER 2018                               

Angels were especially busy at the first Christmas not only in Luke’s version of the story but in Matthew’s as well. Congregations have unfortunately, according to Walter Brueggemann, reduced angels ‘to cute little babies or nice little children with wings and sparkling stuff on their backs’. The angels I read about in the Bible are not sweet little cherubs but stern, terrifying super-human figures who leave us quaking in our shoes. Their appearance provokes fear and wonder.

Although for many years I did not believe in angels, I believe in them now. I used to regard them as mythological products of the supernatural furniture of the Bible which thinking people like myself should remove. I used to think worship was more about education rather than inspiration, and was primarily directed at the congregation rather than God. My reason was driving out fear and wonder and replacing holiness with cosiness.

I became aware of the presence of angels during a particularly bad patch on my spiritual journey. I have since prayed over a long period of time for God to send a tough guardian angel to a member of our family, and believe that particular prayer has been answered.

Angels are powerful heavenly messengers. They do not have wings but come in dreams, visions, nightmares and inner voices. I am even inclined to think that they can take on human shape. They certainly speak and act through human beings. They come tinged with glory and they leave behind a hint of heaven. They bring holiness to the common place. They do not wait to be invited but come crashing in when least expected.  Christmas is ablaze with them. Their joy at the incarnation is such that the world of super-nature cannot contain their excitement.

From a Christmas sermon  published in the Methodist Recorder


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