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Tom Stuckey was President of the British Methodist Conference in 2005. This website has been set up with his wife Christine Stuckey, who is the MWiB Southampton District President, to encourage theological reflection and dialogue both within the Methodist Church and beyond. You can participate in this.


Tom Stuckey


        MARCH 2017

We have not added a BLOG since Christmas. Here is my latest.

If you have not seen my sermon on Judas then take a look.

You can get in contact with me on mail1@tomstuckey.me.uk



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                 JESUS THE SPACE INVADER 

In the New Testament we find Jesus—according to Mark—engaged in a violent “invasion-redemption mission”. Liberation begins with a dramatic description of the heavens being torn apart (1:10) and ends with the ripping down of the dividing wall of the temple (15:38). Jesus is presented as a “space invader”. It is no accident that the name “Jesus” or “Savior” comes from the Hebrew root word for “space” (yasha).

Following his baptism Jesus invades the wilderness turning it into a Garden of Eden. Then follows a mission to village, town, countryside, sea, and city. At each stopping place he reclaims the space occupied by hostile powers. Demons are driven out, (1:25-34), sin and sickness removed (2:9), the oppressive religion of Scribe and Pharisee undermined (3:1-6).

Jesus is plundering the property of the strong man, Beelzebul (3:23-27)—who is the latest manifestation of the dragon. The chaos waters are tamed (4:39, 6:48) and death is destroyed (5:38-42). Christ comes to give his life as a “ransom for many” (10:45).

The music of victory over the dragon plays throughout the New Testament. Paul’s affirmation in Roman 8 springs from his conviction that Christ has “disarmed the rulers and authorities” and triumphed over them on the cross (Col 2:15).


                     An extract from my book 'The Wrath of God Satisfied?'



                    BEYOND THE BOX

The institutional Church is in big trouble. Its relentless decline seems unstoppable. Few predict an upturn. Ministers and leaders of traditional Churches spend much of their time talking about money and devising strategies to keep the institution afloat.

While the world rushes by like a river in flood, nice people spend hours debating whether to take out a few pews. It is hardly surprising that disillusioned members drop out or move off to one of the newer Churches. It is not the first time that great swathes of Church have been wiped out or replaced by something else. God is always passing judgment on Churches and attempting to reform them.

I believe God is punching holes in the institution because he wants to reshape it. He is calling us to plant new seeds of Church alongside the old since much of the old, in its resistance to change, will not survive. This is no simple reshuffling of the pack but rather a call to play a different game, one requiring courage and theological ability. We can no longer keep doing more of the same. We have to live 'beyond the box'.


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