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Tom Stuckey was President of the British Methodist Conference in 2005. This website has been set up with his wife Christine, to make some of our writings available. See left column for access to my papers, lectures, sermons and books. Also take a look at Christine's papers below.



Tom Stuckey 


                    MARCH 2019                               

As a passenger on the good ship Methodist Connexion, I wonder where we are heading. I view with concern the activities of the officers and crew, many of whom are severely overworked. I realize that even as a retired minister in the Southampton District I am not meant to be relaxing on a luxury cruise liner heading for sunny shores. Neither do I believe that I am on the Titanic as it ploughs through dangerous waters. But this is not all! I am worried about the passengers. Many are no longer enjoying the trip while quite a few of the younger families have fallen overboard or disembarked.

 In the past ten years our membership has decreased by a third from 304,971 in 2003 to 208,738 in 2013. During the same period the number of children attending worship has fallen by 58%. More recent figures reveal an even more drastic drop in membership. With no substantial influx of younger families our age profile continues to rise. Faithful officers who have valiantly served the church for years are giving up because of age or failing health. It is becoming more and more difficult getting new volunteers. Numbers, however, in London and other large conurbations are holding up mainly because of the arrival of Methodists from other parts of the world. Numerical growth here has more to do with ‘transfers in’ than with ‘conversions’. In 1932, the year of Methodist Union, our membership was 838,019. It is now around 188,000. As with all the other traditional churches in Britain, Babylon and death are taking their toll.

Something is very wrong with our church. Somehow we’ve managed to pour water on the burning bush and all we have left is wet ashes. Has the Spirit abandoned us? Is the Church in Britain finished? I think not!


The above words are from my book Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land. They are quoted because the Methodist Recorder is launching a series of articles on the book beginning in the first week of January. I am writing the first to set the scene (click here). There are nine articles in all written by a wide range of people. The contributers have been given the freedom to write in any way they like but must use my book as a starting point. Their theme, as mine, is about the future of the Methodist Church. I will be uploading each article here following its appearance in the Recorder.

The second article has been written by Revd Ermal Kirby a Superintendent minister and a former Chair of the London District on 'Babylon' (click here).

Ms. Gillian Kingston, Vice President of the World Methodist Council and former Lay Leader of the Conference of the Methodist Church in Ireland, will write the third article and be asking “Has Methodism lost its way?” (click here)

The Revd. Canon Dr. Jennifer Smith, Minister of Wesley’s Chapel, City Road, has written on 'A Growing Church' (click here).   

Revd. John Walker, a former Chair of the Chester and Stoke District has written on 'Ordained Ministry n Babylon' (click here

The Revd. Ruth Gee, Connexional Ecumenical Officer and a former President of the Methodist Conference has written on 'The Future Shape of the Methodist Church in Britain' (click here).

Professor Clive Marsh (the University of Leicester), Vice-President Designate of the Methodist Conference has written on 'Theology in the World (click here).

The Revd. Ruth Fry, Recently Ordained Methodist Minister (click here).

Final article by myself (click)


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