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Tom Stuckey was President of the British Methodist Conference in 2005. This website has been set up with his wife Christine Stuckey, who is the MWiB Southampton District President, to encourage theological reflection and dialogue both within the Methodist Church and beyond. You can participate in this.


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Tom Stuckey


             JANUARY 2017

I have uploaded my latest lecture/paper entitled 'The Methodist Quadrilateral' It will appear in a book to be published by John Vincent later this year. 

Do you know what the Methodist Quadralateral is?  You had better take a look!  I am arguing that it is well and trully broken.  It is not the thing the Methodist authorities will want to hear.


I am leading an overnight study at Sarum College, Salisbury at the beginning of Lent from midday Tuesday February 28  to Ash Wednesday 1st March.

This course is for those who, during this period of Lent, have to preach, teach or explain why Jesus had to die. Non-preachers, house group leaders and church members will find much here to enhance their own theological and spiritual pilgrimage through Lent.


Redemption, sacrifice, judgement, atonement, satisfaction, wrath, righteousness, justification, reconciliation are some of the technical words used to describe ‘what God was doing on the cross.’


We shall first wrestle with the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of these theological words  before turning to the question of ‘how’ we can preach or present the ‘message of the cross’ in a way which is profound, intelligible and inspiring.

Contact Sarum College direct indicating whether you wish to be residential or non-residential quoting course number 2444.   TEL. 01722 424826 and speak to Alison Ogden  (aogden@sarum.ac.uk)


You can get more information from me on mail1@tomstuckey.me.uk



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   1.  Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne

   2.  MWiB District Celebration

   3.  A Pilgrimage at home      



 This is now full.  There will be a second

 pilgrimage around Christchurch i in

 September. If you are interested please

 contact me for details.





                 INFANT BAPTISM? 

It was inevitable that first generation Christians in the early years of the Church would be adults and that they would wish to mark their incorporation into the body of Christ by the witness of believer’s baptism. However, what of their children? The Holy Spirit had been promised to them as well. 

Baptism in the early church is the new equivalent to Old Testament circumcision. This rite was performed on Jewish infants as a sign that they are included within God’s covenant. Sometimes in the early Church, whole families were baptized. It would therefore be natural for Christian parents, especially in times of trouble, to want their children to be members of the body of Christ so as to be inheritors of the promises of the new covenant.

 Infant baptism is a sign of God’s grace. All who are baptized are united with Christ in his death and resurrection. Whether people are baptized as adults or infants, every Christian has to ‘live out’ their baptism by counting themselves ‘dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus’. Baptism is therefore a single act and a life-long commitment.

 Infant baptism is a sign and witness that the grace of God precedes personal faith. It sets us within the family of Christ. It is a like a child being given a cheque for a billion pounds, however the cheque is worthless unless cashed. Infant baptism has to be cashed by the recipient when he or she grows up.

 If you have been baptized as a child, ‘make good’ your baptism though repentance and faith in Christ, and claim all the promises of the Bible made for you personally long ago.



                    THE INCARNATION

I am old enough to remember Elizabeth II becoming queen. A number of people in our village bought television sets in order to see the coronation. I went across the road to our neighbours to watch. There were fifteen people in the room standing and sitting peering at a 12 inch screen set in a large mahogany box. Reception was bad, nevertheless through the snowstorm pictures one could vaguely make out Queen Elizabeth wearing her crown surrounded by important people. What I particularly recall, apart from my own desire to go home, was the excitement of the people in that ‘front room’. The coronation event over 120 miles away, had entered the room. Some of those gathered even cheered. We were there, or more accurately, there was here!  Start with the Church and mission will probably be lost. Start with the mission of God and it is likely that the Church will be found.

Of course it was only an image, not the real thing but we experienced it as real. The New Testament tells us that Jesus Christ was ‘the image of the invisible God’. But he is more than a flat fuzzy image; he is a three dimensional figure of real flesh and blood. He who is beyond is with us. He brings the beyond into our room. But again the analogy breaks down. Jesus Christ was not with us in his crown of splendour; he is with us in the vulnerability of a child lying on a bed of straw. God in Christ comes to show us that through weakness and sacrifice a new world of love and peace can be shaped and recreated. 

God call us as his partners to down-size and leave the comfort zone. We are to reflect and make the very presence of this incarnational God real though what we say and do. No one can explain or understand the mystery of the incarnation. We, like the wise men of old, can only offer our gifts and bow in worship and wonder. 

           Stand amazed, ye heavens at this;

           See the Lord of earth and skies;

           Humbled to the dust He is

          And in a manager lies.





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