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Beyond The Box cover

SINGING THE LORD'S SONG IN A STRANGE LAND - The Future of the Church in Britain: A Methodist Perspective.
(CIMP (160 pages)   2017,   9.99 (plus postage and packing)
The whole world is passing throughThe whole world is passing through a huge paradigm shift the likes of which have not been seen for generations. What is the Holy Spirit saying to the Churches in Britain and to the Methodist Church in particular? There are three parts to the book. Part 1 'VISION', part 2 'REALITY' & part 3 'PROPHECY'


Beyond The Box cover

BEYOND THE BOX  - Mission Challenges from John’s Gospel – 2005
(Inspire) (127 pages)   6.99
This is no simple reshuffling of the pack but rather a call for us to play a different game.  We have to live beyond the box.’ Here is an invitation to look at the contemporary Church through the eyes of John’s Gospel and be transformed by the Living God.     Suitable for study groups

Into The Far Country cover  

INTO THE FAR COUNTRY – A Theology of Mission for an Age of Violence – 2003 (Epworth) (198 pages) 16.99
This book invites Christians from a variety of different backgrounds to think afresh about mission and the Great Commission. Because the centre of Christianity has moved from North America and Europe, spending time in the ‘far country’ with Third World theologians will illuminate and re-activate the missionary task of liberation and discipleship at home.
Suitable for theological students.


The Wrath of God Satisfied? cover 

THE WRATH OF GOD SATISFIED? – Atonement in an Age of Violence – 2012
(WIPF & STOCK) (139 pages) 12.00
In our violent world we should no longer dismiss the wrath of God and the disturbing metaphors of blood, debt, satisfaction and sacrifice. By linking atonement theories with contemporary events, he author argues that divine wrath is the shadow cast by the light of hope. This is now available in a KINDLE EDITION
Suitable for the thinking Christian.


On the Edge of Pentecost cover 

ON THE EDGE OF PENTECOST  - A theological journey of transformation – 2007, (Inspire) (160 pages) 8.00
An invigorating blend of stimulating spiritual autobiography and informed theological reflection. The Church in Britain stands of the threshold of Pentecost. Will we heed the Spirit’s message of judgement and renewal?
A not-easy-to-put-down book   (KINDLE)


Understanding New Testement Letters Today cover 

UNDERSTANDING NEW TESTAMENT LETTERS TODAY – Jigsaw Series Group Bible Studies Series – 1985
(Bible Society) (64 pages)
We not only reflect on the text of some of the Letters but discover a method of studying which unlocks and releases the resources of all the New Testament Letters.
Attractive House Group material for 8 sessions


Understanding Old Testement Prophets Today cover 

(Bible Society) (64 pages)
This book not only studies the prophets in their contexts, but shows you how your Church can engage in prophetic activity today.
Attractive House Group material for 8 sessions.


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