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On the Edge of Pentecost

On the Edge of Pentecost Tom Stuckey occupied the highest office in the British Methodist Church as President of the Conference in the year 2005-2006. Near the end of the twelve months he suggested that the British Church was ‘On the edge of Pentecost’. It was a phrase which brought encouragement and hope to many, but is it true? What did he mean by it and how did he come to say it? This sound bite was a seed which grew from a life-time of ministry and theological reflection and now has its prophetic moment. The Church in Britain stands on the edge of a massive re-formation and renewal. We must try to hear what the Spirit is saying today.

In this book we go beneath the surface to see how a person both shapes theology and is shaped by it. For the author, doing theology is no hygienic academic exercise but a constant struggle for faith, truth and authenticity. The book invites the reader to journey with the author to the edge of Pentecost and beyond.

'An invigorating blend of stimulating spiritual autobiography and informed theological reflection.  This is an intensely personal book, but written ‘outwards': it addresses the world, the church and the individual reader with a direct spiritual challenge.  It is bracing, but also hopeful.  In pace and style it is breathless, but also breath-ful.  A true book of the Spirit!'.

 Vernon White.  Director of the Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme.

‘Tom Stuckey at his best – prophetic, personal and persuasive. Evocative autobiography meets theological analysis, A challenging read.’

 Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church.

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