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The Wrath of God Satisfied?

Atonement in an age of violence

On the Edge of PentecostWhat does Robben Island, Colonel Gadaffi, the earthquake in Haiti, the riots in Tottenham, credit crunch, child abuse and the death of Christ have in common? They are all liked together by the common thread of violence. Tom Stuckey re-examines the traditional theories of atonement, which he argues are contextual and utilitarian, as he searches for meaning and hope in these contemporary events.

The author argues that in our violent world we can no longer dismiss the wrath of God and the disturbing metaphors of blood, debt, satisfaction and sacrifice. While not subscribing to the theory of penal substitution he does not dismiss it out of hand. Within a dynamic interpretation of Trinity the author draws on the insights of Athanasius, Anselm, Abelard, Luther, Calvin, Julian, Girard, Augustine, Barth, and contemporary theologians to show how divine wrath  ‘being satisfied’ poses the question of God in its most acute form. The author sees God’s wrath as a necessary shadow cast by the powerful light of hope and argues that it cannot be dismissed if justice is to be restored.

‘Our understanding of the atonement affects our understanding of God. In this readable book Tom Stuckey re-examines the classic theories of the atonement and offers a fresh global perspective, weaving together big stories, Scripture, theory, and little stories. Read prayerfully, it will enrich our understanding, our  worship, and our social action.’

DAVID HOLGATE -  Principal, Southern Theological Education and Training scheme.

‘For many preachers, traditional formulations of the doctrine of the atonement are too offensive to be of use in today’s world. A loving God, they say, is more attractive than a God of wrath and vengeance. In The Wrath of God Satisfied? Tom Stuckey takes this popular view head on, showing that, when located within a vision of the Trinitarian life of God, the doctrine of the atonement is a vital resource for the renewal of the church. Here is theology that will preach!’

JASON E VICKERS -  Associate Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Studies, United Theological    Seminary

‘This is a brave book.  At a time when more and more Christians believe more and more fervently in less and less, Tom Stuckey is not afraid to wrestle with profound and difficult  themes using vivid topical illustrations.  This is preached theology at its most lucid.’

COLIN MORRIS -Former Head of Religious Broadcasting in Britain and Former President of the Methodist Conference.

‘Tom Stuckey boldly stamps with currency older Christian teaching about atonement. He argues that when thinking about God’s work of saving human beings we cannot dismiss, as is the wont of some present-day theologians, metaphors such as ‘sacrifice’ and ‘debt’. In a brilliant employment of contemporary culture he shows how these traditional views of divine and human suffering make a decisive difference for the moral life of Christians and non-Christians. All pastors will find this a rich vein for sermon preparation and congregational teaching.’

M.DOUGLAS MEEKS – Cal Turner Chancellor Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Studies,
Vanderbuilt Divinity School.

Tom Stuckey’s book will appeal to theological student and church study groups alike wanting to grapple with the difficult questions of human sinfulness and how God deals with us. He does so using scholarly tools and an acute and lively awareness of the world around us.’

TIM MACQUIBAN  -  Former Principal of Sarum College.

This is an important book. Tom Stuckey explores the relationship between a range of atonement theories and the complexities of our modern violent world. His accessible yet provocative style encourages readers to make connections between contemporary experience and classical theory. This book will challenge those who seek to dismiss the idea of God’s wrath – but will also challenge those who see not need to interpret that concept in order for it to make sense to twenty-first century minds.’

CHRISTOPHER BLAKE – Principal of Cliff College

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